Hotline of worrisome behavior

Are you worried about someone with troubling behavior? Then you can go to the crisis intervention team. Worrying behavior might include a neighbor who is or seems confused and does not take good care of herself or her home. A neighbor who suddenly walks outside in flip-flops while it’s winter. Or someone who is in debt, showing less and less of themselves and having their curtains closed all the time.

Most people who are confused do not cause a nuisance and are harmless. In this case – no acute danger – we advise on appropriate follow-up actions. If an unsafe situation does exist for children and/or adults, a staff member from the Crisis Intervention Team will arrive on site if necessary. Is there a life-threatening situation? If so, call 911.

Mandatory Mental Health Care Act hotline

A person may be a danger to themselves or others due to mental illness. Sometimes then it is necessary for them to receive mandatory help. This falls under the Mandatory Mental Health Care Act, which has been in effect since Jan. 1, 2020. Mandatory care can be provided from home or outpatient (treatment without admission). Compulsory institutionalization is no longer the only option for treatment.

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In the Hart van Brabant region, the crisis intervention team takes reports from the WVGGZ. The crisis intervention team assesses whether a report meets the criteria of the WVGGZ and Bemoeizorg then conducts an exploratory investigation into the need for mandatory care. If mandatory care is not appropriate or necessary, the reporter will receive appropriate counseling. Both residents and professionals can report to the crisis intervention team if they are seriously concerned about someone with mental health problems. A pathway from the WVGGZ takes a minimum of three months to complete.

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