A look behind the scenes

An unpredictable Christmas

It’s Christmas Day when the police call CIT. Nicole and Sietske have evening shifts together. Police are at the scene of a family where a mother is angry and at a loss for words. During the day, the father, took her infant son (5 years old) without permission. She kicks a door and threatens to hurt her partner. Both the mother and father are now high on emotion. Police are concerned about the child’s safety because of the mother’s statements toward the partner. In addition, they know that the parents’ anger and emotion has an impact on the child.

When Sietske arrives at the residence, she is met by the police and the child’s father. His infant son has since fallen asleep from reading aloud.

Sietske engages first with the mother and then with the father. She starts a conversation with the mother, who is sitting there quietly at the moment. As soon as the incident that occurred is discussed, tension immediately rises. The conversation is difficult, the mother speaks more and more quickly and makes accusations toward the father. She feels that her partner is responsible for all the problems within the home situation. Sietske tries to work with the mother to find the best solution for their son’s safety, but to no avail. The mother is stubborn and angry and therefore finds it difficult to think in her son’s best interests.

Then Sietske engages in a conversation with the father; he explains exactly what happened that day. His son’s mother was so angry earlier this day that he decided to leave the house with his infant son. He expected that when he returned his partner would be calmer. But when the father came home with his son, the mother was angry again. He says he is afraid to leave the house because he thinks the mother cannot bear the care of their infant son alone. He also tells Sietske that he takes his partner’s threats with a grain of salt and that she will never carry them out.

Finally, Sietske makes the choice to leave the infant son in his own bed that night. He sleeps peacefully and enough peace seems to be experienced to sleep through. Because appointments cannot be made the same evening, the CIT agrees that they will visit the next day to discuss what is needed for a safe home situation. The mother will stay downstairs and the father will stay upstairs.

Moments later, the police and CIT decide to leave the house. The moment they want to go, unrest arises again in the house. Sietske consults with her colleague Nicole, the police and the parents. Together, they come to the decision that another solution would be better for the little son’s peace and safety. The mother goes with her infant son to visit her parents who live in another region. It is agreed with the mother that a family member is always present when she is with her infant son. The CIT transfers the family to the relevant assistance. They will work with the parents after Christmas to see how to provide a safe home situation for the little son.

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