A look behind the scenes

Corona at a man with dementia

A 94-year-old man from a nursing home in Oisterwijk has tested positive for corona. Mr. is demented and was placed in the nursing home by the hospital. Because of his dementia, this man forgets that he has corona so he does not stay in his room and goes into other residents’ rooms. Because of the risk of infection, Mr. poses a risk to others and the nursing home wants him to go home.

The family, especially his son indicated they would not come to pick him up. The son has even threatened the staff, stating that he cannot care for his father because he himself falls under the high-risk group. Not much later, it turns out that Mr. was never placed in the nursing home by the hospital. He was sent home by the doctor at the time after which his family brought him here.

Peter from the Crisis Intervention Team will meet with the GP to discuss possible solutions. The possibilities are:

  • Mr. goes home and the neighbors or other family keep an eye on Mr. over the weekend. Grooming is not necessary in this case. It is important to emphasize to the family the importance of finding a solution, considering they placed Mr. in Oisterwijk under false pretenses.
  • Switching gears with nursing and seeing if there is a quarantine unit elsewhere for the elderly. Here Mr. could stay temporarily if this is not possible at home.

Ultimately, an option that works for all parties is chosen and Mr. is placed in a nursing home in Tilburg. Peter thus concludes his service with peace of mind.

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