A look behind the scenes

When do we refer?

We as CIT regularly deal with calls that are (initially) not intended for us. Of course, we try to refer whoever we have on the phone to the appropriate agency as best we can. What we encounter like this? I will take a sample of our files:

  • A call from someone who accidentally took double medication and doesn’t know if it will hurt. I referred the person to the family doctor/general practitioner emergency room for a medical assessment.
  • A call from someone from Rotterdam who is in crisis as well as living there. I try to work with the person to find out the right phone number for crisis care from their region and refer them there. This is because we can only help people who are registered in the HvB region.
  • We sometimes get calls from relatives who want to know how their relative is doing who has been hospitalized (different settings are then possible). I refer them to the appropriate agencies.
  • A call from someone who especially wants to tell his/her story. Needs a listening ear and does not require crisis intervention. We then always refer to the listening line.
  • A call where safety is immediately compromised and police should arrive at the scene first. In that case, we often agree that they call police first and then we call back at a later time for possible follow-up.
  • We regularly get people on the phone who think they are speaking to the mental health crisis service (acute psychiatry). We then always try to see what is needed at that time.
  • Someone calls because a fairground car is parked incorrectly and it is bothering them. We then refer to the municipality to take this further with them.

And surely more examples can be named. CIT HvB does what is needed, including referrals to appropriate agencies.

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